Welcome To Global Alert for Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged(GADYLP)
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Vision: To empower the Youths and less privileged,Nationally and Internationally,to become agents of positive change in the society with particular interest at the grassroots level especially defending and protecting the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS.

GADYLP strives to empower the young people and the disadvantaged members of the civil society by building their capacities/skills in overcoming the dangers/vices that is common to young people and the poorest of the poor in the society;by this,GADYLP will achieve this through organising capacity building seminars,workshops,symposia,public lecture,rallies,e.t.c with particular interest to HIV/AIDS and United Nations oriented tactics and approaches in solving Youth-Related problems.

1.Organising Training of Trainers Workshops to build the skills of Young people between the ages of 18 to 30 on controlling and prevention of HIV/AIDS.
2.Embarking on research and investigation programmes that will seek to identifying and exterminate the root cause of human rights abuses,conflict and war as regards young people and less privileged.
3.Working with others NGO/CBO and Civil Societies ,to support and assist the Less privilgede Youths and Children,to pursue and attain their chosen career and become useful people to the society rather than tools and agent of conflict,insurgency and counter-insurgency
4.Promoting the idea of partnership of Young People with United Nations by way of campaigning alongside with the U.N for a culture of Peace in the world.

E-Mail :gadylp@yahoo.co.in

Selfless Service To Humanity